ABC Alumni


ABC Alumni

Ambassador Bible College considers its alumni to be vital to the development and promotion of the program. With that in mind, it is continuing to develop regular communications and activities for alumni.

Current Offerings

Currently we offer our alumni the following:

  • E-mail communications concerning special needs and projects.
  • Referral and mentoring by local leaders after graduation.
  • Opportunity to participate in alumni service projects.
  • Access to the student newspaper ABC Times and the ABC Web site.
  • Participation in ABC Continuing Education Seminars.
  • Participation in ABC promotional meetings at United Youth Camps and Feast sites.
  • Special consideration for participation in United Youth Corps projects.
  • Annual All-Ambassador Reunion at the Winter Family Weekend.

Future considerations

Future considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Regular updates via e-mail or letter about current ABC sessions.
  • List of alumni at Feast of Tabernacles sites.
  • Reunions at selected locations, perhaps at Feast of Tabernacles.
  • Invitations to selected ABC activities.