ABC Graduates 40

Over 250 faculty, staff, family and friends were on hand on Sunday, May 25, to honor the Class of 2014.  We had 42 students this year at ABC.  One student finished mid-year and two others will return for the first semester to complete their studies.  The hall was beautifully and tastefully decorated with floral arrangements an wonderful specialty cakes in three flavors.  Kathy de Campos who is Assistant Registrar and Admissions Assistant and her crew of ladies prepared all of the flowers for the graduates and those in the program.  Kudos to her and her staff.  Her husband Jorge looked after

Graduation Day for Class of 2014

May 25th marked the 15th graduation of students from Ambassador Bible Center. This year, 35 students received their diplomas in the ceremony, which was held in the Ambassador Lecture Hall at the United Church of God home office in Milford, OH. It was, as always, a bittersweet occasion as the students, faculty, staff, and families celebrated a year of learning and fellowship, but also prepared to bid a fond farewell to so many who have become very close to our hearts.

Class of 2014 Hosts Charity Auction

The 13th annual ABC Charity Auction and Variety Show hit the stage at the Ambassador Bible Center lecture hall on Sunday evening, May 18. ABC partners with LifeNets each year to raise funds for a specific, international charity project. Through the silent auction of items donated by local businesses and church brethren and a live, bake sale during an entertaining variety show the ABC class of 2014 raised $6,000 to fund camper scholarships and young adult staff vitally needed for next summer’s camps in Columbia and Mexico.

A Victorious Night on the Town

ABC students attended their first dance in Cincinnati at the Night on the Town social Dec. 7, 2013, in the ABC Lecture Hall. The event was organized by Courtney Horvath and the social committee. Guests enjoyed snacks and refreshments, dancing, a photo booth and live music by local band The Victorious. 

The young adult crowd, adorned in semiformal attire, mingled and whirled beneath a city skyline, a border of light-illuminated park trees and a rope-light, tulle canopy reminiscent of a starry night in the city.

Students Build Bigger Flashlights: Dedicating time to learning God's way

New students arrived at ABC prepared to strengthen their spiritual flashlights through this nine month program dedicated to learning and understanding God’s way.

In the Epistles of Paul class, Steve Myers shared an analogy with the class that can be applied to the church at Corinth as well as each student’s personal journey as Christians.

ABC Begins Its 15th Year

Over 500 have graduated from Ambassador Bible Center (ABC) in the first fourteen years since its beginning in January 2000.  The average size of the classes has been calculated at 37.  Many more have availed themselves of ABC teaching through the week-long Cincinnati summer seminars and the seminars conducted in outlying church areas.  Over 1,000 brethren have had a mini sample of ABC.