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Ambassador Bible Center (ABC) is an intensive nine-month educational program focusing on the Bible, Christian Living and the fundamental doctrines of the United Church of God. The program seeks to prepare young adults for leadership and service, and to begin preparing them for the duty of teaching future generations. The curriculum thoroughly examines doctrine and leads students systematically through the books of the Bible. Our goal is to help students avoid the pitfalls of modern life while building a strong and lasting relationship with God and a life that reflects the example of Jesus Christ.

Recent News

April 3, 2014
ABC students attended their first dance in Cincinnati at the Night on the Town social Dec. 7, 2013, in the ABC Lecture Hall. The event was organized by Courtney Horvath and the social committee.
March 12, 2014
Mr. Gary Antion, the ABC Coordinator, announced today that the tuition for Ambassador Bible Center will increase this fall.

Upcoming Events

May 18, 2014
(All day)

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Mr. Gary Antion, ABC Coordinator, announces a tuition increase for Ambassador Bible Center.