Class of 2014 Hosts Charity Auction

Class of 2014 Hosts Charity Auction
May 23, 2014 - 12:33pm

The 13th annual ABC Charity Auction and Variety Show hit the stage at the Ambassador Bible Center lecture hall on Sunday evening, May 18. ABC partners with LifeNets each year to raise funds for a specific, international charity project. Through the silent auction of items donated by local businesses and church brethren and a live, bake sale during an entertaining variety show the ABC class of 2014 raised $6,000 to fund camper scholarships and young adult staff vitally needed for next summer’s camps in Columbia and Mexico. The décor for the event was New York City and the food was fitting for a stroll on Coney Island – hotdogs, pizza, popcorn, peanuts and desserts. The entertainment was called ABC Live and featured skits and musical numbers which brought laughs and pleasure to the audience. The auction of the baked goods featuring the excellent culinary arts of ladies in the Cincinnati area and nearby UCG congregations accounted for the majority of the funds. In fact, Barbara Antion’s famous batch of delicious baklava sold for $475! Organizing the fund drive and producing the variety show is the major ABC student project of the year, teaching the students many lessons in organization, service, teamwork and faith. Near midnight, after cleanup and resetting the hall for class the next day, the students left the building satisfied and encouraged that they had learned a lot and had well served a much-needed cause.

-Gary Antion

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Photos courtesy of Victor Kubik

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